About WET Fly

The wet fly is useful anywhere anytime.And it supports any kind of situation.You can match it with the every favorite insect of fish.However, it is not only it, the wet fly draws the interest of the fish except the appetite.When a fish is at table, you should be able to adapt yourself to the kind of the meal.It is so ,the size and the color.When the specific menu of the season of the river is not found. I suggest that you begin with the fly of the big size.A person with the experience that tied a some classic wet fly, I want to suggest it to the person.We will give a fish new trendy option!!
However, I become uneasy when I cannot catch it. Then I choose quiet colour pattern that has many results like Adams. If it still no use then I give it up and take a break. The body stops, but continues thinking in my head. What is no use? Time? Size? Pattern? Water temperature? Other elements?

I don't know. But, I think the element hardest to please to be selection of color. When it is difficult to specify an insect, I begin with a bright color. It is easy to look. For example I choose Grizzly King. Feather wing is easy to look very much and is easy to use.

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